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live from the bay area news station this is kron4 news at 4:00 p.m.. >> the landfill in the east bay it is the focus for frederick solace who is missing since saturday and possibly at the victim. >> it would really like to find him alive. >> lisa like to speak about what they found and in the vallejo for has found explosives at his home. and they carry a vigil in her honor. >> new information continues to flow in about the man behind several murders. that man, you
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see his face on the frame. he is connected to the murders as long as two of her female friends. and at least one of her male mates. authorities are still searching for this son frederick who is missing and several areas haven't, does that look for clues. this search has led investigators to a landfill in pittsburgh. they're sending by live with the latest. christine? >> well we are waiting on a news conference where they're going to update us that happened late behind here. it is a very large landfill where they want to search and is 1 a. and they're searching through about 3,000 t. but as pool some video and walking through white bear here. on wednesday at the police
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found zero white escalade which he was driving purify the escalade have been parked for some time in the north shore of and there's no signs of him in the car. they did a thorough search on wednesday and they found no clues. the trash had already been picked up and that is what fraud the look to the landfill. they're going here to look for the trash because the park was so close to the home where ricardo was killed. take a listen to what they had to say. >> it is a mixed bag. frederick is still missing. we do have to follow leads. >> here you see some search and rescue crews that were just arriving on seen here. they have been here for several hours looking through the trash in
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landfills for any time they say it is a mixed bag and they're hoping that they will appeal to find some kind of frederick but they hope not to find his body. the hopis still alive. he is less clear out the remaining in this place. of this point they have not come up to the podium that one of course she does we will take a live. and reporting for christine caught early. the violent details ended here. when they responded to a call from cindy trans. and the to ted's brother frederic and ricardo. it reported as as i walked in i saw a car on top of waldemar who is lying face down on the floor. after taking pictures of the
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injuries they took into the police station where he cited the complaint charged with battery. on saturday afternoon they found his body at the home. he had been beaten to death. on tuesday hercules' named claude malo as a murder suspect. the same time vallejo police discovered to bodies at home that he was known to frequent. i fought it drove off with her in her acura. the car was spotted in pleasant hill. it led police on a high-speed chase through richmond where he shot to death. he was found in the car. meanwhile >> another piece of the puzzle, and a husband made his court appearance today. charles was arrested when authorities discovered explosives in his home in vallejo. kron4 news dave was in the courtroom and
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tell us what happens. dan? >> he is not been charged for any murders at this point we will have more on this in a moment. (no audio) >> ok look good afternoon. >> we are joining in the danube this conference. this is michelle harrington again, she is with the hercules police department we want to do a live as it happens. >> michele, we our lives now. >> in all the aim of the case.
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he is still missing, he is a missing link crews are on the scene to hear she has to say. (no audio) (no audio) so the search will resume tomorrow morning. we are using equipment such as the excavator which does require us special offeroperator. we have volunteers were utilizing as well. no, not at this time. there continue to search but nothing
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has been seen at this time. (inaudible) >> at this point the investigators are planning on being here at least tomorrow so we know we have as schedule now so the actual percentage, i am not sure about it is getting that type of information but we are they're making plans to definitely be here tomorrow and possibly further days out. a could beat more days. >> (inaudible) >> i am sorry i could not hear you. >> (inaudible) >> yes, we were able to have a dog at this point in the search to try inserts and send that we had some difficulties utilize saying this type of environment. we have been using it volunteers in addition to canine. >> (inaudible) we saw a forensic
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truck go up as their police >> vehicles in the >> not that i heard of. >> is there any connection right now? >> that is correct. that is what they're doing to cool the excavator it to take smaller bundles of the trash and separate it, sort through it using the visual search of the material by little. i'm sorry? the reason we are here at the landfill is for two reasons. on monday we discovered of the cadillac escalade which is the last vehicle that has been seen driving. he also had a former employer that work and security at the proximity of the crop home is also near business park. be conducted a thorough search on wednesday and however the
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tracks had already been removed at that time said brought us here. >> what time tomorrow? >> it will be made morning. the search took little time to get on the way and we had to coordinate and have everybody a ride that needed to ride and make sure they were trained. it could be mid morning tomorrow. >> the route for is in the possession of investigators. >> (inaudible) >> we have not revealed at this point. our primary concern right now is fighting frederick. >> (inaudible) >> i would estimate it less than half at this point given the time that we started definitely putting in that big day tomorrow searching and continuing on with where we're at. >> (inaudible) (no audio)
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>> thank you. >> again you're listening to sue of live news conference. that is michele she is with the rich man's of police. in this search for solace he is the only person the public knows of who is still missing in connection with the multiple murders. the search will continue to mar morning and they have the back. the search. there are several reasons as there might be a connection with a landfill that they are continuing their efforts to try and find frederick solace to is the son of one of the murder victims. the coverage continues online. the posted today is in
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its entirety at all of the breaking news, all you to do is log on. we'll be right back after this break.
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but this the stock market close and helps its september 1st weekend. the dow was up 127 points. the nasdaq up by 33, robert black is here. a >> it's been a great july ended august that was awful. we're about to break even for the year so the first two days were pretty good numbers are good but not bad. we are cold, not freezing but it is ok. manufacturing is helping to create jobs so we are moving in the right direction >> i keep hearing it is because of the recession does this mean that we are going to avoid that?
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>> unfortunately as we're going into a double dip recession which has to do with consumer spending the day we got back out of it. we could of avoided a double dip. it feels like a recession but the waters are not marquee. next week we will see perhaps zero, introduce new cut back on tax. the market is too cheap and that is another reason we're too aggressive. >> the person that wants us to focus on job creation next week, do think that all belts? >> yes of living is something that helps new businesses that have tax benefits and promised the tax cuts that are put in place for the next two years it will rally the next two points. it is probably time for democrats to eat crow and say you know what, tax marks? will keep it in place for the next years. >> will be right back.
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wreckage of the plane crash that
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killed three people including the owner of an east palo alto company will soon be abandoned in the efforts to define what caused the accident. is a challenging tax. >> the pain at stake being processed to find the plain it that killed three people took the entire day. the float bags came up from the lagoon and they put it high 8 to it trying to tell it across to the other side, that has proven to be a difficult task. the plain is stacked in several pieces of mud and authorities say that several parts of the plane broke apart on impact. the wings are still being pulled out. the >> bodies of their remaining victims will be removed and once it arrives in san francisco they will deal to take a closer look to determine what happens in the
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accident. >> in salinas a helicopter landed upside down on highway 10 wine and look at here. these are the pictures from the plain in the municipal airport. nobody else was involved. they were taken to the hospitals we checked out. >> hurricane earl has reached a category one storm as it hit the northeast. some of the weather watchers and warnings have been reduced or dropped from long island. >> is there. >> they wanted them to know there is shelter for the storm. if the storm is strong they will need to do >> get up early.
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>> that is right. >> not everybody is running from the storm. like for the staff of the surf shop, he says he hopes it brings big waves. this is a hurricane. >> i do not like hurricane earl. >> it led several thousand people with no power and the damage was minimal and no energies were reported. they were downgraded it to category 1. it is >> one of the risks you take. >> the power of hurricane earl the ways and the wind when did the boat into two other boats.
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>> we're still seeing some thought clean to the coastal look at our last satellite image you concede pushing into the coast. temperatures are cooler than what we have seen over the last couple of days although it is caught in the inland valleys. it is 96 degrees in fairfield and 88 a now but. 69 in san francisco which is also cooler than yesterday's and '70s and '80s around the bay and shore. this is what you can expect for the holiday weekend. continue cooling into sunday and you are going to get to labor day. temperatures will one back up right in time for the holiday season at the day off the outside and enjoy the nice weather. not too hot around the bay shore. will be comfortable
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70 degrees. a talk more about this weekend, we do have the additional cooling. >> look at traffic on this friday with the star of the holiday when the and even see the fog rolling in uncovering the towers. the northbound into marin is a little bit better on the left heading into san francisco. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. it is remarkably clear at this hour. traffic is heading eastbound and the fast track planes are all pretty clear. we will be right back.
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>> back now draw black in your e-mail questions. this first one comes from i've been. should i buy a burger king because they're getting bought out? >> good question. you made it 3 park, i vote hewlett-packard and del. this is not wood happened
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with barbara king. it is prime activity in there to try and sell about down the road so i would not buy burger king. i wouldn't look at the competition. a burger king is one of those companies, they are no mcdonald's. mcdonald's franchise they developed into a charity co. and burger came waited and waited and waited and ultimately they lost. >> why is appalled a mexican girl getting 52 week high is? >> it is a duty. 81 to 60 a year. the stock market has not been that good. chipotle mexican and grill is good quality, they of fresh ingredients. there's no pork. it is not quite iq tests
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are. quality restaurant. this is somewhere in between a nice price point and nobody ever says anything that bad. it is great. it is a good company and do not buy it high. i would buy it on deck or look at their competition. it is super good quality and superfast and it is a choice for us, we do not want fried foods what something in- between. the >> think it is appealing because it is where you do not want to go out to buy you want to stay and anyways. >> the budget conscious is there. is not hitting the 18 year-old boy is that burger king head you need something that is a little bit more sophisticated. >> alright seek consent of robert and e-mail at from a black dot com. >> brought a black and your money. the bison use on the show are those of brought black and
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door the guest and not that of kron4 news its management or advertisers. always consult the broker or advisor before taking advantage on securities mentioned.

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